Applied research and development nurtures innovation and inspiration at WONIK Quartz to meet the semiconductor industry’s challenging technology roadmap.  Our technology provides higher quality, more precise designs, and improved material and process control.  This is achieved by utilizing a rigorous development methodology coupled with advanced tooling, precision metrology and ISO certified quality control systems.

Innovation at WONIK Quartz lies within the talent pool of the company bringing hundreds of man years to the art and science of product creation.  The unique capabilities of our development expertise, coupled with precision equipment and rapid prototyping create products for advanced customer applications, achieving high quality and tight cost control.  A robust internal technology transfer procedure ensures smooth migration from development to high-volume manufacturing.

In addition to our local expertise within the United States, WONIK Quartz is a global enterprise exploiting technology innovation from our affiliate sites around the world.  Our strong worldwide presence provides customers with maximum opportunity to advance their technology requirements in partnership with a known long-term partner thereby removing supply-chain risks and supplier uncertainties.

Product types include thermal diffusion tubes; liners, boats, carriers, pedestals and accessories; in addition to Single Wafer Process (SWP) bell jars, insulators, gas distribution plates (showerheads), windows, and accessories


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