WONIK Quartz is a global manufacturing powerhouse with sites on three continents and in five countries.  In the United States, WONIK Quartz serves local and international customers within the semiconductor industry.  Our manufacturing capability provides consistent production output driven by Continuous Quality Improvement systems, on-going employee skill development, equipment engineering optimization and material management in clean manufacturing environments to meet the stringent requirements of our customers at competitive pricing.  Our global manufacturing capability provides exceptional means to ramp production requirements for “burst” peaks to provide consistent on-time delivery of products.  Chemical clean, cleanroom metrology and packaging give customers pristine products that meet critical shelf-level requirements, or urgent turn-around needs to satisfy the customer’s production requirements.

Product types include thermal diffusion tubes; liners, boats, carriers, pedestals and accessories; in addition to Single Wafer Process (SWP) bell jars, insulators, gas distribution plates (showerheads), windows, and accessories

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